The Nordic countries are renowned for being welfare states with generous social policies and high standard of living. However to fully enjoy the benefits of the Nordic social security, one have to plan ahead a little bit.

For example supporting yourself when you are unemployed and living without an income is next to impossible.

What happens if I lose my work? Will I still get some money?

If you work in Norway you can relax as the unemployment insurance is included in social security benefits. As a general rule all employees in norway are compulsory members of the National Insurance Scheme and thus are eligible to receive unemployment money that compensate loss of income.

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In Sweden and Danmark employed and self-employed people are welcome to become members of an unemployment insurance fund. The funds help unemployed maintain a decent household economy and enable job seekers the time needed to find a new job.

As a member of an unemployment insurance fund you are entitled to up to 90 percent in Denmark and in Sweden up to 80 percent of your former salaries. Special rules apply, make sure you understand all the rules and regulations before you become a member of an unemployment insurance fund.

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