Like there nordic neighbours and other most other European countries, Sweden have an available unemployment insurance.

However in Sweden the unemployment insurance is partly voluntary and you have to become a paying member of an unemployment fund to unlock the income-related insurance.

Furthermore it’s possible to get an extra insurance to cover wages over 25 025 kr per month by joining a workers trade union or signing up with a specialized insurance company. This insurance is called inkomstförsäkring in Swedish.

Join a a-kassa to secure income-related insurance

There are 28 different unemployment insurance funds in Sweden. These are membership organizations based around a particular profession, industry or line of business. All funds except one are managed by Swedish workers unions.

Below you find a table/list containing contact details and information about all Swedish unemployment funds (a-kassor):

Akassa Website Tel +46 Monthly fee

unionensakassaUnionens A-kassa 0770-77 77 88 97 SEK

ledarnas-akassaLedarnas A-kassa 0200-87 12 12 93 SEK

saakSveriges Arbetares – SAAK 08-545 912 50 125 SEK

transport-akassaTransports A-kassa 010-480 35 00 120 SEK

hamnarbetarnasHamnarbetarnas 031-51 54 11 160 SEK

sveriges-entreprenorers-arbetsloshetskassaSveriges Entreprenörers 08-700 63 45 119 SEK

alfa_kassanAlfa-kassan 0771 – 55 00 99 151 SEK

smaaSmåföretagarnas A-kassa 08-723 44 00 115 SEK

akassavisionAkassan Vision 0771-773 800 99 SEK

elektrikernas-akassaElektrikernas A-kassa 0771-469 100 105 SEK

fastighets-akassaFastighets arbetslöshetskassa 0771-60 50 50 1380 SEK/år

journalisternasJournalisternas 08-613 75 60 120 SEK

ifmetall-akassaIF Metalls A-kassa Se hemsida 96 SEK

pappers-akassaPappers A-kassa 08-796 61 10 129 SEK

livsmedels A-kassaLivsmedelsarbetarnas 08-796 29 90 102 SEK

finansforsaSEKingFFA A-kassa 08-7911750 85 SEK

lärarnasLärarnas A-kassa 0770-33 00 10 100 SEK

gsGS arbetslöshetskassa 010-470 68 00 120 SEK

hrakHRAK 0771-43 50 60 140 SEK

handels-akassaHandelsanställdas 0771-666 444 120 SEK

slakSLAK 08-40 80 99 60 120 SEK

byggnadsakassaByggnads a-kassa 130 SEK

seko-akassaSEKOs A-kassa 020-678 000 118 SEK

aeaAkademikernas AEA 08-412 33 00 90 SEK

sts-akassaSTs A-kassa 08 – 517 590 00 96 SEK

saljarnas-akassaSäljarnas A-kassa 08-617 02 60 110 SEK

kommunalsKommunals A-kassa 0771-25 80 00 55-87 SEK

How does the Swedish unemployment insurance work?

Today the swedish unemployment insurance consists of two diffrent parts, a basic insurance and a income-related insurance.

The basic insurance is granted to everyone over 20 years old, who meet the basic work requirements and is enrolled as a jobseeker at the employment office (Arbetsförmedlingen). This part of the unemployment insurance entitles you to 350 SEK per day during your first 300 days as unemployed.

Members of a Swedish Unemployment insurance fund can get up to 910 SEK per day the first 100 days and then from day 101-300 760 SEK per day at the most.

Requirements that must be met:There are some special rules surrounding the unemployment insurance that you need to be aware of.

To be entitled to any kind of unemployment benefits you must be over 20 years, an active job seeker registered at Arbetsförmedlingen, be prepared to travel long distances to work and also be open to relocation or even career change.

Furthermore you must met certain work recruitments, which stipulate that you must have worked at least six months with a minimum of 80 working hours per calendar month over a period of 12 months. Alternatively you must have worked at least 480 hours during six consecutive months with a minimum of 50 working hours per calendar month.

To receive the income-related benefit you also must have been a member of an unemployment benefit insurance (a-kassa) at least 12 continuous months.

Who pays for the unemployment insurance in Sweden?

The membership fees the unemployment funds collect cover approximately about 30-40 percent of the costs. The rest of the money needed to finance the Swedish unemployment insurance is gathered through taxes. In reality the unemployment insurance has been well over-financed for many years.