Norway is very much associated with success, and rightfully so. The oil rich nordic country is ranked in the top ten richest Countries in the World and is the world’s fourth happiest country according to the World Happiness Index 2016.

Another nice thing about Norway is that they have a extensive social security system for sick, unemployed and poor people. This article focus on how norwegian unemployment insurance work and who is entitled to the benefits.

Unemployment insurance is included in the general social benefits which is financed through taxes. Unemployment benefit partially compensate loss of income (approx. 62.4 percent of your gross income) during the first 52-104 weeks of unemployment.

To receive unemployment money you must register as a job seeker at NAV and meet the following demands:

  1. Your working hours have been reduced by at least half (50 percent)
  2. You must live or stay in Norway
  3. Your income from paid work amounting to at least 1.5 times the National Insurance basic amount* during the last year or at least 3 times the basic amount during the previous three calendar years.
  4. You must be registered as a job seeker at NAV.
  5. You must be a genuine job seeker and submit a employment status form every 14 days.

*National Insurance basic amount sometimes called G, as of 1 May, 2016 is NOK 92 576 per year and NOK 7715 per month.

Apply for unemployment benefit

You can submit a claim for unemployment benefit online. To confirm your identity log in with BankID on mobile, Buypass or Commfides.

Then you need to fill out a application and also include a number of attachments. The attachments must contain the following information regarding your employment history the last sixmonths*:

–  Start and end dates of employment.
–  Your weekly working hours.
–  Reasons for dismissal.
–  Notice period.
–  Date of termination.

*If you did’t have an employment with fixed working hours you have to attach information regarding the last twelve months. If you havent had any job the twelve months you have to attach the last three years employment history.

Waiting days before reimbursement

It’s important that you register with NAV immediately if you lost your job as you normally are eligible for unemployment benefit from the date of registration.

However everyone who apply for unemployment benefit have to wait three days for the first reimbursement period to begin. This first three days are called waiting days. If you did not lost your job through no fault of your own, the waiting period will be 12 weeks or more.