If you are looking for work in Sweden there are a couple of ways to go about it. Searching for employment through contacts is considered to be the most effective way to land a job, however not everyone have the right network of people around them to find work this way.

Searching the internet is another good way to look for a job. In Sweden there are many different jobsites ready and available for unemployed job seekers. On this page we have composed a list of the most popular work sites in Sweden.

www.arbetsformedlingen.se Рthe official Swedish Public Employment Service Arbetsförmedlingen, AF, is the largest job center in Sweden with an extensive online directory of searchable jobs.

www.metrojobb.se – The famous free magazine Metro hosts a good job search site. Find a new career today!

www.offentligajobb.se – lists jobs in the public sector. Many jobs are found in schools and health care but you may find job openings in several other sectors as well. The database at offentligajobb.se contains between 9000-10000 searchable jobs.

www.jobb.blocket.se –¬† Blocket is the leading second hand market in Sweden. Jobb.blocket.se is a meeting place for employers and job seekers, search through thousands of vacancies.

www.doldajobb.se – specializes in finding “hidden jobs”. Approximately eight out of ten job opportunities in sweden is not advertisted properly which makes it hard for unemployed to find these openings. Doldajobb.se helps you discover the hidden job market.