Job search

With today’s technology, it’s possible to apply for hundreds of jobs without even leaving the house. Using the internet, you can browse job search engines for jobs based on parameters such as location or desired fields. Keep in mind, however, that while many employers find their new employees through digital channels and/or newspaper ads, a big portion of jobs are never advertised. Finding those jobs require a bit more action on your part – you need to go out there and find them yourself, and as you are doing so, you have to be marketing yourself. Hand out your resume, tell the employers that you are interested and ask them to contact you if there are any openings.



The key to a good CV is keeping it short and to the point. Potential employers need to be able to do a quick scan of your resume and, based on this first impression, decide whether or not you are an interesting candidate for the job. This is why your CV should highlight your strengths and relevant experience. Avoid big blocks of text as those will be sped through, if read at all.


A common mistake when writing your CV is including information that is irrelevant to the position you are applying for. If you put a job or any kind of experience on there that might seem completely irrelevant at first glance, make sure you explain how it has made you more suitable for the job you are currently applying to in your personal letter.


Letter of recommendation

In cases where a letter of recommendation is relevant, the right letter could help take your resume to the next level. When asking someone to write you a letter of recommendation, make sure to ask your employer to list all of the following:

  • Your duties on the job as well as areas of responsibility, if applicable. What have you been doing? What have you been in charge of?
  • How well you performed. Were they happy with how you took on your tasks?
  • The duration of your employment.


When preparing for a job interview, pick out an outfit that looks professional and is fitting for the job. If the position is at a bank office, the appropriate attire is most likely a little more formal than for a position as a gardener. Adapt to the situation and be yourself while maintaining a professional image. Most importantly: remember to smile, regardless of how nervous you are!