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Workers Union

Do you think that you have no reason to join a workers union? That you are ’safe’ at your job and that spending money on a union membership is a waste of money? Think again.   Being a union member is like having home insurance. You hope you never have to use it, but still […]

Unemployment benefits in Nordic countries

The Nordic countries are renowned for being welfare states with generous social policies and high standard of living. However to fully enjoy the benefits of the Nordic social security, one have to plan ahead a little bit. For example supporting yourself when you are unemployed and living without an income is next to impossible. What […]

Study opportunities

Furthering your education is never a bad idea. In today’s economy, having at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent is becoming increasingly important. Earning a degree not only gives you the relevant knowledge for a future career, it also helps you develop your analytic thinking abilities and acquire a higher academic mindset that is valuable […]

How to Get a Job

Job search With today’s technology, it’s possible to apply for hundreds of jobs without even leaving the house. Using the internet, you can browse job search engines for jobs based on parameters such as location or desired fields. Keep in mind, however, that while many employers find their new employees through digital channels and/or newspaper […]

Danish unemployment insurance

I Denmark unemployment insurance is optional. Which means that you have to make an active choice to join an unemployment insurance fund (in danish A-kasse) if you wish to revice compensation for lost income. If you are a business owner, full-time or part-time worker between 18 and until 2 years before old age pension age who live […]

Unemployment insurance Norway

Norway is very much associated with success, and rightfully so. The oil rich nordic country is ranked in the top ten richest Countries in the World and is the world’s fourth happiest country according to the World Happiness Index 2016. Another nice thing about Norway is that they have a extensive social security system for […]

Swedish unemployment insurance

Like there nordic neighbours and other most other European countries, Sweden have an available unemployment insurance. However in Sweden the unemployment insurance is partly voluntary and you have to become a paying member of an unemployment fund to unlock the income-related insurance. Furthermore it’s possible to get an extra insurance to cover wages over 25 025 kr […]

About us

About 10 million people have a full time employment in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Nordicwork is a independent jobsite with emphasis on information and regular updates. The purpose of the website is to introduce workers and job seekers to Nordic working life. Our wish is to help people find a job on the nordic […]

Links to job sites in Denmark

The Danish job market is quite small however the unemployment rate in Denmark is relatively low compared to other EU countries. So it’s far from impossible to find a work in Denmark as long as you have the right education and qualifications. Searching the internet is a good way to look for a job. In […]

Trade Unions in Denmark

the Labour unions in Denmark has a really strong position. Approximately about 80% of the total danish labour force of 2.6 million are trade union members. A few good reasons to join a Danish trade union: Help if you are mistreated at work. Get guidance and counselling in career choices. Salary insurance (lønsikring) – keep […]